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The All-Electric 2023 Genesis GV60 Performance Crossover

By Kimatni D. Rawlins,

by Decisive Media

As Genesis continues to expand its EV lineup, I must pay homage to the electrified 2023 GV60 crossover, the company’s first dedicated EV model. The Korean automaker’s e-mobility goal is to shift towards an all-electric lineup by 2030. The AWD GV60 has an EPA-estimated electric driving range of 248 miles for the Advanced model and 235 miles for the Performance model I’m testing (255 miles during my observations). Both utilize a 77.4 kWh battery and feature 1-pedal driving, various driving modes, and Boost Mode to send the vehicle into hyper speeds. However, remember that any performance driving will zap your total range.

 The small Korean hatchback looks good, feels good, and engages on the road. A glass Vision Roof with power shades, distinguished 21” alloy rims wrapped in Michelin Primacy Tour tires, gorgeous Uyuni White paint, a tailgate spoiler, and funky headlights add to the GV60’s allure. Power is produced from the front and rear electric motors (160 kW each) to instill the 2023 Genesis GV60 Advanced AWD with 314 horsepower and a whopping 429 horsepower for the GV60 Performance AWD model. Its multifunction steering wheel is enhanced with Boost Mode, akin to launch control for super excited takeoffs. My passengers started screaming when I catapulted us like rocks from slingshots a few times. Two paddle shifters on the right and left allow you to engage and disengage 1-pedal driving, which helps with regenerative braking.

Inside, the cockpit is forward-thinking and innovative such as the globe gear selector that rotates and shines bright when the ignition is turned on and off. The dial above it operates the infotainment features from a touchable and swipeable 12.3” display. Both are housed within the floating center console along with other essential controls. An EV screen highlights data on how the vehicle is performing, how much battery is left, and the location of charging stations. For example, the GV60 will adjust and increase its range if you turn off climate control. A microfiber suede headliner and Nappa leather seating surfaces in a Torrent Navy hue with yellow stitching and circular window controllers were refreshing. A Bang & Olufsen premium audio system produced glorious sounds through Apple CarPlay, while security features stemmed from Fingerprint Authentication, Face Connect, and Genesis Digital Key 2.

EV owners will complete 80% of their charging at home using a 240v Level 2 unit. Therefore, a home installation setup, such as the ChargePoint Home Flex I just placed outside my garage, is best. But when you are out and about, ChargePoint has an extensive network of Level 2 AC and Level 3 DC Fast Chargers. I can use the app to find locations in my area, from shopping centers to hotels. In terms of costs, compare the kWh rate of charging your vehicle to an electric oven or dryer. For example, to fully charge the Genesis GV60 Performance, I used 55 kWh (s) over eight hours, totaling $8.52. I suggest hardwiring your unit to a 50-amp circuit breaker estimated at 37 miles of range per hour for best results. The lower the amp rating, the slower the charge. As you increase amperage, more power is drawn to your vehicle per hour and at a faster rate. I noticed that the Genesis pulled 9.3 kWh from the charger for about 30 miles of range per hour.

The ChargePoint Home Flex retails for $749. In addition, it is eligible for utility rebates, and other incentives, including the renewed US federal tax credit for 30% of total station and installation costs up to $1,000.

The 2023 Genesis GV60 SUV starts at $59,290 for the Advanced model and $68,290 for the Performance variant. It is sold at limited dealerships in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Utah, and Washington. Genesis warrants the Electric Vehicle System and the powertrain for ten years or 100,000 miles for better peace of mind. So, are you ready for an EV revolution? The choice is yours as the mobility sector continues its shift towards electrification and carbon neutrality.





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