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Make Informed Decisions on Autos and Vehicles!

Make Informed Decisions on Autos and Vehicles!

New Car and Truck Test Drives! 


New Car and Truck Test Drives! 

Decisive Media Network

Expert Automotive Consumer News & Reviews Since 1995

Decisive Media Network is committed to providing consumer automotive content to untapped and underserved markets. In 1995, Randi Payton launched the first national magazines for African Americans, Latinos, and Asians. He is an internet pioneer who launched the first automotive website in the U.S. in 1995. Consumer automotive content that goes beyond enthusiast market to help people of all cultural groups make informed decisions about new vehicle purchases.

What We Look For

We cover all segments and subsegments of the automotive industry, including finance, motorsports, aftermarket  and new car and truck reviews

Where To Find Us

In addition to this site, our reviews can be found in The Network Journal (www.tnj.com), the Jewish Press newspaper, PG Suites (www.pgsuites.com), African American Golfers Digests www.africanamericangolfersdigest.com), and LivinLux (livinlux.miami.com). We also post on Facebook, LinkedIn and Tweeter

Vehicle of the Year Awards

For 20 years, the annual Urban Wheel Awards were held at the Detroit Auto Show. A panel of independent auto experts, who  Intro

Urban Wheel Awards

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